Union Jack Press: Art by Jeremy D. Treadwell

A few things about my art and I

In the eyes of the old masters and artists since then, the most delicate, beautiful, strong, and powerful influence has been the curved aspects of the female body. As an artist and a male, the female mind and body have been the most influential stimuli in my life. With the influences of the woman I have come to love, and the traditions I have come to learn through art, I have come quite far. In my works I have incorporated the powerful images of the woman I love in my life. Closing in on a portion of her body creates a more intimate feel for the piece and the women. It brings the viewer in closer to see all the detail and really get to know who she might be. I have done works onall the women who have had an impact on me and who I care about greatly, on the relationships that have developed out of them. I have favored Intaglio and wood relief techniques to show the intimacy of the women in my pieces because the texture and lines I can create to show their form.

Received a BFA: in Printmaking in the Hartford Art School (2007)